Welcome to the BMS Lab

The BMS lab is the lab of the social sciences faculty at the University of Twente. It provides research support to both students and researchers. The BMS lab provides equipment and lab facilities, consults on study design and methodology and develops its very own software solutions and apps. Sign-up your own project, read about our facilities or continue reading.

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The BMS lab provides a wide range of services and online available knowledge. They range from the use of a team of developers and technicians to the access of state of the art lab facilities and from protocols on the usage of sensors to explanations of research domains and tools. Use this overview to navigate quickly to the section of your needs.

Our specialties

The BMS lab helps and supports research with

Creating the right research design.
The optimal use of its equipment and facilities.
Development support.
Finding the right space and equipment.
Acquiring funding and writing research proposals.
Technical aspects of research and design.
Data storage, management and security.
Tech support for research at the lab.

Take your research on the road

The BMS lab has the ability to host and support a wide range of research projects. However, sometimes the location can be the problem. As a result of its mobile lab facilities, the lab can bring almost any research project to wherever it is needed. The fully equipped “Experivan” can serve a wide range of purposes. It allows researchers to bring lab like environments and equipment to those that are hard to bring to the lab. For example, the elderly or visitors of events. More importantly, the Experivan mobile lab is flexible and can be adjusted to fit a study’s needs. The mobile lab includes:

  • Ability to run off the grid and on batteries
  • Dedicated seating area
  • Server, audio, computer and video hardware
  • Roofing (tent like dome) for outside the van.
  • Access to the internet

Use BMS lab made software in your research

Twente Intervention and Interaction Machine (TIIM)

TIIM offers researchers the ability to conduct dynamic longitudinal studies. Measurement instruments can be send straight to participants’ phones to be completed and triggered based on pre-set conditions. Furthermore, TIIM is flexible and easy to learn. It however also offers the ambitious researcher plenty to master. Learn more about the TIIM app and start using it by signing-up your research project.


The Sociometry app enables researchers to analyze the dynamics of group interactions through their smartphones. Furthermore, it has the ability to provide both immediate feedback and data for further analysis. Researchers can simply load the app and record the sound of an interaction. The app will analyse the speech itself and create a transcript for an analysis of the content. Insights provided by Sociometry include the roles, speech patterns, tone and sentiment of speech from the participants during the interaction.

Digital Nature

The Digital Nature software package allows users to create virtual landscapes that can both be used in research and in healthcare. It provides users with an interface from which they can built their own nature-like environments. Thus, allowing researchers to use environments perfectly suited for their needs. Research at the university of Twente has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of both the concept and the software. Moreover, templates of previously used and tested environments exist to make the lives of users easier. Applications of the software include reducing loneliness by increasing interaction and creating a relaxing and calming environment.

About the BMS lab

The BMS lab is there to strengthen the synergy between the social sciences and technology. It supports research at the University of Twente (mainly the BMS faculty) in three major ways. Firstly, the lab acquires and provides technology for social science research. Secondly, the lab supports and consults researchers when designing their studies. Moreover, the lab has the ability to develop new technologies and applications itself. Thanks to a scalable development team that is there to support researchers. Thirdly, data storage and management solutions are part of the services offered. As a result, the BMS lab can support research from beginning to end.

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