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Call for Proposals: FurHat social robot

Prof. dr. T. Bondarouk; dr. JWJR van ‘t Klooster

Industry Group, HRM research department; BMS Lab

Who/What is Furhat?

Furhat is a human-like social robot developed at the Furhat Robotics (Stockholm based startup that builds the social robotics platform). Robots have entered our lives since childhood dreams but robotics of today allows to say that they have the potential to enhance our lives and our work.

Furhat @ BMS

We are very proud, -probably we are one of few faculties of social sciences that has bought Furhat for research lab experiments. Its developers in Stockholm claim that Furhat is the most powerful robot software platform for building multi-modal, multi-party conversational experiences. The conversational “engine” of Furhat is adapted to handle various expressive interactions, handle events, sense inputs, and to abstract human behavior.

Research-wise, we see a great potential for BMS researchers and students, for example – to simulate everyday interactions, to train how to get better at different job tasks; to create a more inclusive and fair recruitment and appraisal process.

If  you do not know who Furhat is, we advise you to visit:

Call for research proposals: less of a format – more of an idea!

Interested to experience it yourself? In your research theme? With students? With colleagues? Submit a short proposal.

We need such proposals to plan the time for lab experiments and to offer a better help with Furhat. We will also use submitted proposals as a source of inspiration for future projects.

Format of your proposal:

  • Max one page
  • (Tentative) title of the project
  • Main ideas (what do you want to explore/ simulate/ test)
  • Who is responsible for the research?
  • With whom do you plan to conduct research? 
  • Planning (when and how much lab time do you need)

To already look at Furhat online, visit Good to know: BMS possesses both the Furhat robot as well as its software-based digital counterpart to get started.

Submit your proposal (before June, 1st) to:

Prof. dr. Tanya Bondarouk and dr. ir. Jan-Willem van ‘t  Klooster

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