About the BMS lab

Technology can be a driving force of innovation and inspiration in society. In science, it too can have a great impact and offer great opportunities. The BMS lab works to help scientists and students of the social sciences harness the opportunities offered by (new) technologies for research. The lab hosts a wide range of facilities and an even wider range of equipment. This range includes everything from a Virtual Reality (VR) and an EEG lab, to a wide range of sensors and recording equipment. We bring technology to the social sciences.

Facilities, equipment and services

VR goggle from the HTC Vive

At the BMS lab we specialize in two core activities. First, we provide, maintain and support the right equipment for students and staff members. This ensures they are able to conduct vital research undisturbed by the challenge of organizing the facilities needed. Second, we support both the use of the equipment and the process of selecting equipment and the design of the research. We consult with researchers on the use of equipment and provide development support to enable researchers to make optimal use of our wide range of facilities.

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The team that makes it possible

The BMS lab is staffed and supported by a dedicated team of professionals, researchers and students. Their makeup first of all reflects the demanding nature of the social sciences. Moreover it reflects the wide diversity of knowledge around the world as well. The lab consists of four teams. First, there is the core team of employees. Second, there is a team of student assistants supporting the lab. Third, a board of (scientific) advisers provide support and bring their experience to both the lab and the researchers utilizing its resources. Fourth, a host of internal and external partners are both involved in projects and making the existence of the lab possible.

prof. dr. Ellen Giebels
Full professor at the Department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety (PCRS), Vice dean faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)
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dr. ir. Jan-Willem van 't Klooster
Managing Director BMS lab
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Johnny Lammers van Toorenburg
Data & facility management, support at the BMS lab
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Peter Slijkhuis, MSc.
Educational Coordinator BMS lab & PhD Candidate
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Luci Rabago Mayer, MSc.
Lead Development BMS lab
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Andre Bester, MEng.
Sr. Project Lead BMS lab
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dr. Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman
Research coordinator and Ethics of the faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social Studies (BMS)
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Lorette Bosch
Management assistant BMS lab
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Joris van Gend, MSc.
Technical Project Lead & External Communications
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dr. Anna Machens
Data Scientist at the BMS Data Science Incubator
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Karel Kroeze
Data Scientist at the BMS Data Science Incubator
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Nienke Bierhuizen, MSc.
Researcher at the BCI testbed
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Behind the scenes

The staff at the lab love to share their love for science and experiments of all sorts and shapes. The interplay of students, researchers and professionals happening at the lab gives them an unique perspective. It is also the basis of the wish to make science approachable, intriguing and enjoyable. As a result, the lab regularly shares what is happening around the lab and with the different projects. Want to get a real look behind-the-scenes of the BMS lab? Then click on through.