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Welcome at the behind the scenes section of the BMS lab. On this page you can get a sneak-peak of the people, the places and the machines that make the BMS lab work and science breathe. You can find our regular Instagram updates, Youtube video series and articles about recent events from our perspective. Go ahead and take a peek and afterwards you can go and learn more about the team behind the lab.

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Green Spaces & Safety – Research Update!

The ever-rising concerns about safety perceptions in public places are widely spread across the world. Since safety is the primary component of quality of life, it has sparked researchers’ interest. It is noteworthy that research has identified a relationship between…
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Decision tree – New tool at the BMS Lab!

The BMS Lab has broadened the portfolio of online tools, with the newest addition the Decision tree. The COVID-19 circumstances presented challenges when it came to conducting research online, especially when it comes to collecting data. These challenges inspired the…
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Virtualizer Elite 2 at the BMS Lab

The BMS Lab has upgraded the virtualizer to the next generation of Virtualizer Elite 2. The new virtualizer provides for improvement in the convenience of the movements of the participants. It utilizes a powered Motion Platform to support walking in…
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Based on the feedback from interviews received by the ministry of health and the Coronamelder app, it became apparent that the advice given regarding isolation was inconsistent. Thus, people often did not take the isolation advice seriously, leading to them…
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