At the BMS lab, we work on many interesting and exciting projects. Sometimes they baffle even the researchers themselves. We try to keep an updated overview of what is happening in and around the lab and the latest development on this page.

Webcam eye tracker BMS Lab

Eye-tracking is valuable research tool to both academia and practitioners. It can enable the precise evaluation websites, applications or videos and help in identifying usability…
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Storytelling in a digital forest

Kars Otten, a PhD candidate at the University of Twente, and his colleagues have immersed themselves in the challenges of promoting social interaction amongst the…
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EEG research in progress

BMS LAB Projects #1

Hereby we open our series in which we introduce projects featuring the BMSLAB!  We start with the Vigilant Brain. Denny Sasonko, a Master Student of…
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BMS LAB Grand Opening

The BMS LAB had its official Grand Opening on April 19th, 2018. Ellen Giebels opened the event with a moving speech about the process behind…
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KAIST University Visit

Daniel Saakes from South Korea’s KAIST University came to visit the BMS LAB University of Twente today. Together we support the Communication Sciences educational Module…
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BMS LAB Promo video

New promo video of the Tech4People BMS LAB. Including some of the research tracks we include for social sciences and technologies we use.
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