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You can find the BMS lab at the second floor of the University of Twente’s Cubicus building in the B-wing. There, we occupy a large part of the wing and have both our lab facilities and offices. You can normally visit the team on workdays between 9:00 and 17:00. However due to measures taken against the COVID-19 (Corona) virus both nationwide and at the UT, our capacity is limited and unannounced visits are discouraged. Please check this page for more info and the latest information. Moreover, please take into account national Holidays, upon which the lab is closed. Check the academic calendar (find the right year in the menu on the left) for more information. Alternatively, you can make use of the form below to contact us.

You cannot use the form below to make reservations for any of our facilities or equipment. Instead, you need to register your project first and follow the registration and reservation process. Use our form to make a reservation, see button:GET STARTED“. Most technical questions have both been asked and answered before. Find both the questions and their answers in the info hub.

We aim to answer questions and comments within 3 business days.

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The BMS lab
Cubicus B204
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Visit us:

The BMS lab
Cubicus, Room B204
De Zul 10,
7533NJ Enschede
The Netherlands

House style and logos BMS LAb

When working for or with the BMS Lab it might be necessary to make use of our style. You can use the following scalable logo file. Moreover, we refer to the UT website on their house style for the other elements, as our house style is in line with theirs.