EFRO Brain Computer Interfaces Testbed

Image of a women sitting with an EEG and controlling a device with her brain signals

In the Testbed for Brain-Computer Interfaces, UT (Data Science-EEMCS and Operational Methods and Tools-BMS groups), Thales (safety & security), Artinis Medical Systems (fNIRS-devices), Noldus Information Technology (tools for behaviour research) and VidiNexus (innovative use of social media) work on the development of applications for BCI and the technology required to both sense and utilize brain signals. The BMS Lab hosts the BCI testbed at its lab facilities.

Key in this development process is the application of these technologies in fields with practical value for companies and professionals. With this partnership, BMS Lab aims to contribute to the economic, technical and societal development of the Eastern Netherlands.

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  • Thales Nederland (coordinator)
  • Universitity of Twente (testbed host)
  • Artinis Medical Systems
  • Noldus Information Technology
  • VidiNexus

EFRO BCI proeftuin


This project has received funding from the European Union’s EFRO programme 2014-2020 by the Managementautoriteit Oost-Nederland under the grant agreement “Brein Computer Interfaces (BCI) Proeftuin”, projectnummer PROJ-00900.