Audio Playground software

Often researchers conduct longer recorded interviews to collect data for their studies. To make the process of transcribing, coding and analysis more convenient, the BMS Lab has worked on the Audio Playground software.

The Audio Playground provides an accessible audio transcription, coding and analysis tool for longer interviews.

How does Audio Playground work?

Researchers can upload transcribed JSON files from other tools, amongst which AmberScript from Sociometry app to the transcription tool and manually refine them when needed. Additionally, the Audio Playground offers the opportunity for in-depth analysis with statistics. For example, researchers can see tabled data about intervals of participants, or chart data with a number of turns per speaker and percentage turns per speaker.

The coder tool allows researchers to codify the interviews up to millisecond precision respective to a participant. This requires adding more information. For example, information about when the participant starts and stops speaking or intervenes in the conversation.

User testing & Updates

Recently, the Audio Playground got a major update. The new update allows for a more convenient under interface and updated application programming interface. However, to further improve the application and suit the needs of the users, the BMS Lab is conducting user testing. Thus, with the help of your feedback, the BMS Lab can see whether the new requirements are met and continue working on improvements.

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