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  • BMS Lab has acquired Testable software

    Testable (read more) is a software suite used for creating, managing and distributing surveys. It is similar to questionnaire programs like Qualtrics in that respect, but specializes in standardized tests for psychology. Moreover, Testable offers the ability to send surveys to a curated panel. The BMS Lab has recently acquired a license for this software […]

  • Major TIIM updates in summer 2022

    Major TIIM updates in summer 2022

    In the upcoming summer the TIIM app and BMS Dashboard receive 2 major updates. This article will explain what is happening, what the impact on your work might be during the update process and what you can expect when working with TIIM after the updates have been implemented. Moreover, this page will be updated as […]

  • Presentation Ethics board 21 June 2022

  • Presentation Citizen Science 13th of June 2022

  • BCI Testbed follow-up: A Plug & Play solution to high workloads

    The BMS Lab has been heavily involved over the past couple of years in the development of Brain Computer Interfaces in the BCI testbed project. These interfaces form a link between one’s brain and a computer. One of the goals of this project was to find scalable and cost effective ways to monitor mental workload. […]

  • The BMS Lab visits Franeker science festival

    The BMS Lab visits Franeker science festival

    On the 6th of May, the BMS Lab will visit Franeker for “Expeditie Next”. This is the national science festival for children and is meant to give let them playfully and through practical experiences gain familiarity with the scientific process. The BMS Lab will be there to help children become familiar with the social sciences […]

  • Join us at the Health XR meetup 30 March

    The BMS Lab is hosting the next edition in a series of XR (VR and AR) events. A collaboration of the University of Twente’s BMS Lab and Saxion’s XR lab and Ambient Intelligence lectorate is behind the event. Join us either offline at the BMS Lab or Online by going to the link found below […]

  • Update to our terms and conditions for development projects

    A big part of the work of the BMS lab is to support projects that have some kind of software development needs. These needs come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from relatively simple connectors between webservices and research software to major additions or changes to tools like TIIM. They usually result in a dedicated […]

  • Webcam eye tracker BMS Lab

    Eye-tracking is valuable research tool to both academia and practitioners. It can enable the precise evaluation websites, applications or videos and help in identifying usability or procedural flaws. It does this through the use of infrared cameras, which are able to follow a participant’s eye movements and thus see where someone the participant is looking. […]

  • Take a Digital Tour of the BMS lab

    Take a Digital Tour of the BMS lab

    Digitals Tours have become available from the BMS lab starting November first 2020. Tours can be requested – as used to be the case – by personnel of the University of Twente (UT) or by organizations working with personnel from the UT. Tours are aimed at introducing the lab and the work of the BMS faculty in a 30 – 90 minute time frame. Both a ‘live’ version and pre-recorded version are available. Physical tours of the lab may be possible depending on the COVID-19 measures that are in place at any moment (in November 2020 currently not possible).