October 30, 2021 BMS lab

Behind the Scenes: BMS Lab at Dutch Design Week

Between October 16 and October 24th, 2021, the public had the opportunity to learn more about our work and view several of projects at our exhibition at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The BMS Lab played host to various projects from around the University of Twente for Dutch Design Week.

For the event, we built our own pavilion and welcomed hundreds of visitors, from both the general public and the design world.

Amongst the projects shown was our own Virtual Nature software. The interested visitors had the opportunity to try it out, design and create their own virtual nature. Additionally, we opened the Experivan for visitors to take a peak inside the mobile lab. Thus, the public got the opportunity to learn about the research opportunities and learning benefits that it brings. Visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about the CitizenLab efforts. We asked our visitors to give their suggestions about topics of their interests.

Various other projects as MOCIA were also part of the exhibition focused on health, health improvement and wellbeing.

Watch the video below, and take a look at our work at Dutch Design Week!

BMS Lab at the Dutch Design Week