BMS Lab has acquired Testable software

Testable (read more) is a software suite used for creating, managing and distributing surveys. It is similar to questionnaire programs like Qualtrics in that respect, but specializes in standardized tests for psychology. Moreover, Testable offers the ability to send surveys to a curated panel. The BMS Lab has recently acquired a license for this software and is making it available to researchers from the BMS faculty. Costs for the usage of the panel is at the researcher’s or related department’s own cost.

Software like Qualtrics is regularly used by researchers from the BMS faculty to design, manage and distribute surveys to participants. Researchers are however responsible themselves for creating the survey’s contents. Testable offers the researcher a collection of curated and validated psychological measurement instruments, like memory and recognition tests and much more (read more). This saves the researcher time and aids in creating consistent methodology.

A second important function of Testable is their panel. They have a curated panel that is available to researchers from BMS (at their own expense!). Researchers can select within this panel on demographic and other datapoints.

Want to use testable?

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