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  • Metrics and export data

    Quick guide Metrics and exporting data Importing data in Excel Importing data in SPSS Metrics and Exporting Data Step 1. On the left menu go to metrics. Your data metrics will consist of the responses and information your participants provide during their answering of your modules. The metrics page will show you an overview of […]

  • Routing

    Quick guide: The routing options allows you to redirect a participant through your survey based on the given answer. Routing is not used in the pre-determined questions for CC, however it is possible to add routing to other created questions. Routing can be done within the module in which the participants skips questions. Routing for […]

  • Configuring templates

    Quick guide: Configure the dimensions Configure the profiles Career Compass offers the possibility to give your respondents feedback after they have completed the Career Compass. To be able to give personalised feedback, the baseline for the scores have to be configured. This is done in two steps: Configuring the dimensions  Configuring the profiles  Step 1. Go to study details, select […]

  • Calculated variables

    Quick guide Create calculated variables Using calculated variables as feedback Calculated variables are made up of the answer on an item and then used to direct a participant to a specific module. Therefore you have to start with making the items for the calculated variable. By using the Calculated Variable function, you can create an […]

  • Informative pages

    Quick guide: Creating informative pages Setting up informative pages The informative pages are the text the participants will see when completing your study, and can appear before after or in between modules. Think of welcome pages, ethical disclosure statements or special instructions for your participants.  Creating informative page Step 1. Begin at your CC Dashboard and open your study.  Go to informative pages on the left.  To […]

  • Creating items in CC

    Quick guide: Creating items Uploading items Item types explained Before you can create items, you should have created the module in which the items are created. Creating items Step 1. To create an item go to the modules page, open your module and go to content items. Select the item type you want to create, […]

  • Starting a study

    Welcome to CC Quick guide: Study: your research Intervention: conditions within your experiment Modules: are the sets of questions Items: are the questions for your study You can use Career Compas (CC) to collect information such as their interests, personality, values and competencies from (future) technical professionals. Step 1. Log in to the BMS dashboard. […]

  • Feedback templates

    Quick guide: A feedback template is the website where feedback for your participants is shown. The website can consists of multiple pages (sections) and subsections. Career Compass offers the possibility to give your respondents feedback after they have completed the Career Compass. Your respondents will receive their feedback through a website, of which they receive the […]

  • Managing participants

    Quick guide: Subscribing participants Mailing participants Participants page Subscribing participants Step 1. On the study home page you can find the preview url for the researcher to preview and test an intervention. You can also find the url for participation on the study home page. After the participants clicks on the link they are immediately taken to your intervention.   The study details page shows when […]