Category: TIIM Tutorials

  • Creating items

    Quick guide: Creating items Item types explained Before you can create items, you should have created the module in which the items are created. Creating items Step 1. 1. Go to the modules page2. Open your module3. Go to content items. 4. Select the item type you want to create. 5. This will open a […]

  • Routing

    Quick guide: Enable routing Add routing Routing can be done within the module in which based on the answer, the participants skip questions or is directed to a specific module. Note: Routing within a module is only possible if you have 3 questions or more. Step 1. Enable routing On the left menu, click on […]

  • Time rule interventions

    Quick guide: Setting up timing rules Timing rules explained By default, all the modules in an intervention are open for the participant. With time rules you can change and time when participants are able to open a module. To change this you can adjust the timing rules. Setting up Timing Rules On the left menu, […]

  • Managing participants

    Quick guide: Subscription Page Email Page Participant Page Subscription page Step 1. Editing Subscription Page On the left menu, click on the tab named “Subscription” Click the “General” page Edit the subscription title page (visible to the participants) Edit the start and end subscription phase In the Enrollment codes box, you can copy the voucher […]

  • Calculated variables

    Quick guide Create calculated variables Calculated variables as feedback Calculated variable for time rule intervention Calculated variables are made up of the participant’s answer on an specific item within a module. Create Calculated Variables Step 1. Choose the item On the left menu, click on the tab named “Modules” Open your module On the right […]

  • Metrics and export data

    Quick guide Metrics and exporting data Importing data in Excel Importing data in SPSS Metrics and Exporting Data Step 1. Preview metrics 1. In your study on the left menu, click on the tab called “Metrics”Note: Your data metrics will consist of the responses and information your participants provide during their answering of your modules. […]

  • Wearables

    Quick guide: Set-up biometric data collection Instruct biometric data collection to participants Biometric data is the technical term for body measurements, in the case of TIIM it refers to sleep, steps and heart rate of participants. Set-up Biometric Data Collection Step 1. Enable biometric data collection You can enable your study to collect biometric data […]

  • Setting up a study

    Welcome to TIIM! Quick guide: Study: your research Interventions: conditions within your research Modules: a set of questions within your research Items: question types within your research The Incredible Intervention Machine (TIIM) can be used TIIM to collect information on your study’s participants through their smartphone via the TIIM application. Step 1. Start a new […]