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  • Behind the Scenes: BMS Lab at Dutch Design Week

    Between October 16 and October 24th, 2021, the public had the opportunity to learn more about our work and view several of projects at our exhibition at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The BMS Lab played host to various projects from around the University of Twente for Dutch Design Week. For the event, we built […]

  • BMS Lab at Dutch Design Week

    In the heart of Eindhoven, each October, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place. Counting over 350,000 visitors, at approximately 100 locations across Eindhoven, DDW is the largest design event in Northern Europe (DDW, 2021). This year the BMS Lab, together with DesignLab, will have the honour to be part of Dutch Design Week. The […]

  • Hololens at the BMS Lab

    The BMS Lab has recently acquired a new piece of equipment – the HoloLens. The new mixed reality device allows the users to touch, grasp and move holograms just like regular objects. Additionally, it can be used to display real-time data. Moreover, it does not require external components or wires, making it a comfortable piece […]

  • Circular economy transition minor – Interdisciplinary project

    Circular economy transition minor is a new faculty-wide, interdisciplinary project lead by dr. Yazan, in which the BMS Lab collaborates with representatives of other departments. The aim of the project is to blend the insights from different backgrounds and work towards creating decisions with the goal of improving the environmental impact. The BMS Lab works […]

  • Decision tree – New tool at the BMS Lab!

    The BMS Lab has broadened the portfolio of online tools, with the newest addition the Decision tree. The COVID-19 circumstances presented challenges when it came to conducting research online, especially when it comes to collecting data. These challenges inspired the creation of the Decision tree tool. The tool aims to advise on which online data […]

  • IsolatieCoach

    Based on the feedback from interviews received by the ministry of health and the Coronamelder app, it became apparent that the advice given regarding isolation was inconsistent. Thus, people often did not take the isolation advice seriously, leading to them not following it. The main reasons behind the lack of compliance were concerns over the […]

  • VR For social sciences PART 1: Cyberith treadmill setup (2017)

    VR For social sciences PART 1: Cyberith treadmill setup (2017)

    Our new VR treadmill is in! See part one of VR for social sciences here:

  • 1st year students of Communication Science in the DesignLab.

    1st year students of Communication Science in the DesignLab.

    On a Tuesday in February, about fifty first year students in the bachelor programme of Communication Science are working in the DesignLab.At one of the tables, four students are observing their group member who is wearing a virtual reality headset and who is experiencing a bumpy ride in a roller coaster. Next to them, five […]

  • BMS LAB active at Mythbusters open day in DesignLab

    BMS LAB active at Mythbusters open day in DesignLab

    Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman visted the University of Twente last weekend. A tour was given in the DesignLab about the latest advances in technology. The BMS LAB team presented new technologies for social sciences, including TOBI Eyetrackers, Xsens MVN (connected to a gaming engine), Empatica E4 and Emotive Epoch EEG headsets. Bachelor, Master and PhD students […]

  • BMS LAB Promo video

    BMS LAB Promo video

    New promo video of the Tech4People BMS LAB. Including some of the research tracks we include for social sciences and technologies we use.