Circular economy transition minor – Interdisciplinary project

Circular economy transition minor is a new faculty-wide, interdisciplinary project lead by dr. Yazan, in which the BMS Lab collaborates with representatives of other departments. The aim of the project is to blend the insights from different backgrounds and work towards creating decisions with the goal of improving the environmental impact.

Circular economy transition by Yifei Yu

The BMS Lab works together with various departments to create software that can be used in the Circular economy transition minor. The software will allow for interactions and making decisions with respect to some rules. With the help of artificial intelligence, the software will offer different choices. For example, the choice may be whether to use green energy. Additionally, the users will need to balance a budget and environmental performance.

Among other things, the software highlights the social impact of the circular economy, because it will allow the study of human behaviour and encourage goodwill. To achieve that, it will show how the different participants can benefit from each other. Additionally, the software will help assess whether certain actions are good for society and the community. The participants in the Circular economy minor will use the software as part of their course.