Configuring templates

Quick guide:

Career Compass offers the possibility to give your respondents feedback after they have completed the Career Compass. To be able to give personalised feedback, the baseline for the scores have to be configured.

This is done in two steps:

  • Configuring the dimensions 
  • Configuring the profiles 

Step 1.

Go to study details, select your template and click on configure. You cannot save in between so this has to be done in one go.

Note: If your feedback contains only text you don’t need to configure the template.

Step 2.

In the dropdown menu for factors you can find the variables that you created in the ‘Calculated variables’ section. Select the factor you wish to add to a dimension. 

In the dropdown menu for dimensions you can find the subsections that you created in the template for the Smart chart, select the corresponding dimension, personality in this case.  

You can give this factor a label which will appear on the feedback website on the y-axes of the smart chart.  

The ‘baseline’ is the mean score of the norm group of more than 1000 technical professionals on the items within the factor at hand. This baseline will appear in the smart chart on the feedback website (the orange line), so the participant can compare their own score on the factor (the blue bar) to the mean score of the norm group.

Once you are done click ‘next’ to configure the profiles. 

Configuring the profiles

Step 1.

You can configure the chart that displays the profiles of technical professionals. Fill in the name of a profile. Then you complete for this profile, the baseline score for each of the factors (extraversion, etc.).

Once you the scores for all the factors you click ‘add new profile’. Then you do the same for additional profiles that you want to add and click on save.  You can request the baseline scores for each of the profiles from the Bridge the Gap research team.