The recent outbreak of the novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has led both the University of Twente and the BMS lab to take measures to help contain the virus. Part of these measures is the emphasize on the strictly following the hygiene protocols. You can find these protocols below. There is a second set of measures in place, which is intended to limit the exposure to other people. These measures include extra checks on project proposals and strict procedures when conducting research with participants in person. Read more about the measures and the hygiene protocols below. You can read about the University’s protocols and procedures on the University of Twente’s special page.

This page was updated on the 17th of September 2020.

In short:

  • Lab spaces are available again to a limited degree.
  • Research using the BMS lab equipment is possible, but only after consulting the BMS lab.
  • Following hygiene protocols when using and returning equipment has become even more important.
  • We produced a new video with instructions on how to conduct research while taking the corona measures in mind.


  • 18th of March: Closure of the Cubicus building means the BMS lab can no longer loan out or accept back loaned out equipment. Appointments made for this week will need to be rescheduled. Updates will follow.
  • 25th of March: Digital infrastructure of the BMS lab will remain available. Physical spaces remain closed. Use of equipment will be possible in a lot of cases after consultation with lab personnel.
  • 30th of May: Lab spaces are available again. Use the form below to file your request.
  • 22th of June: Lab studies involving participants are possible again. Use the form below to file your request.
  • 17th of August: video added.
  • 17th of September: Update introduction paragraph to better reflect the page below.

Use of physical spaces:
Form and procedure

The BMS lab is open 5 days per week for research. A special procedure is in place to organize access safely. This procedure encompasses two main steps:

First, fill out this form. Second, your department head should then send it to BMS vice-dean research prof. Ellen Giebels and portfolioholder operations Marion Kamp. Both field studies and lab based research are considered.

Second, they will then evaluate your research’s needs and determine its priority. This is necessary as the BMS lab is currently running at a limited capacity. You will receive a notification and further instructions.

Be sure to watch the video explaining the complete procedure!

Digital services and lending

The Digital services of the BMS lab are fully operational. This encompasses anything from consultation and advice, to the use of our apps and software. Using and returning the BMS lab equipment has again become possible. Lending or returning equipment is possible again, but only by following a special protocol and with a limited capacity. This protocol includes additional care for hygiene and measures against the spread of the corona virus in line with the guidelines of the Dutch government. Get in contact with the BMS lab or your supervisor to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


The protocols and instructions concerning hygiene are posted below. Following these protocols is both emphasized and mandatory. Please take the additional research protocols, like social distancing and hygiene into account when continuing your research in any form.

Be sure to watch the video, which explains the complete procedure and necessary hygienic measures.

General protocols

Equipment specific protocols

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