April 15, 2021 BMS lab

Decision tree – New tool at the BMS Lab!

The BMS Lab has broadened the portfolio of online tools, with the newest addition the Decision tree.

The COVID-19 circumstances presented challenges when it came to conducting research online, especially when it comes to collecting data. These challenges inspired the creation of the Decision tree tool. The tool aims to advise on which online data collection tool to use for your research. Currently, the Decision tree is in its beta version.

Both researchers and students can benefit from using the Decision tree. The tool will save time and effort otherwise spent looking to find which tool will suit their needs best. Additionally, the tool can raise awareness of the numerous online research possibilities which usually go unnoticed.

The tool works based on a questionnaire. It explores what type of data does to researcher intend to collect. The questionnaire starts with a general question about what will the researcher investigate. The questions following are covering aspects as what needs to be measured as well as preferences about measurements. In the end, the tool will offer you tips about which tools seem most suitable according to your answers.

Are you looking for a data collection tool for your research? You can check out the Decision tree by clicking on the button below!