Equipment, Facilities and Software

The BMS Lab’s premier objective is to enable and support researchers and educators of the BMS faculty in their work. Technology is an important aspect of the BMS Lab’s work. It can be found in advanced sensors that researchers can use, modern facilities, or flexible software. All of the BMS lab’s technology is available through the normal project registration and equipment reservation process. The lab’s knowledge and experience are available through the various services offered by the lab. Read more about the full offering of the BMS Lab on this page.

Equipment of the BMS Lab

Researchers have varying needs concerning equipment and the lab. The BMS Lab tries to stock the most important frequently used equipment for its main specialties. They consist of Virtual and Augmented reality, Physiological (e.g.: EEG) research and Group or interpersonal interaction research. As a result, researchers may find anything ranging from a full set of EEG sensors (also with infrared) to systems for simulation and recording equipment. A full list of the BMS Lab’s equipment can be found on our special overview page. New equipment is bought regularly and the overview will be updated shortly after the arrival of the equipment. This is done both proactively based upon signals received by the lab or developments in the market and after inquiries by researchers and educators.

Wearing VR set up
Enschede – UT. Foto’s van studenten opleiding EPA en CW. ism Merijn Keizer. Foto: Rikkert Harink R20170302
EEG research in progress

Facilities of the BMS Lab

The BMS Lab’s physical facilities are for the most part located in the second floor of the Cubicus building’s B wing. There, over 200 square meters is available for research with and without participants. The space can roughly be divided in three “labs” based upon their main use. This means there is a VR (and AR) lab space dubbed “MANOUVR”. Moreover, a set of two rooms dubbed “RECOGNICE” are the prime facilities for EEG and observational research. Lastly, a set of smaller controlled lab environments serve as a place for most interpersonal and less space and technology-intensive research. We call these the “Flexperiment” rooms. Alternatively, one can operate most of the research equipment in the field through the utilization of the “Experivan” mobile lab facility.

Want to make use of our equipment, facilities our services?

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