Sociometry app

The Sociometry app is a mobile companion to the social researchers. Sociometry allows researchers, students and staff of the UT to record and analyze (group) conversations. The app can be used in settings ranging from interviews to role playing thanks to its versatility. Furthermore, Sociometry can recognize multiple speakers and can thus be used in group settings. It offers a range of options for analysis, from group dynamics to pitch, tempo and tone. Additionally, Sociometry has an inbuilt option to generate transcripts of conversations. Hence, you can use Sociometry in both academic and professional context. It offers great ease of use and very little barriers of entry. The Sociometry app can be downloaded from Apple’s App store or Android’s Play Store, setup and used within minutes.


At first glance, Sociometry functions like many voice recording apps. Upon installing the app, it offers the option to simply start recording audio using the phone’s microphone(s). What happens afterwards is, however, a very different experience. The app offers you multiple ways to analyze your recordings and all kinds of other features, among which:

  • A user-friendly interface;
  • Back-end with numerous analysis and processing options;
  • Analysis of pitch, tone and dynamics;
  • Can distinguish multiple speakers and:
    • Transcribe what they said;
    • Analyze their role in the conversation (e.g.: dominance);
    • The progress of the conversation;
  • Offers the option to export results and files through back-end;
  • Can do speech-to-text.

Sociometry Tutorials

Here you can find the tutorials and more information on how to use Sociometry.

Sociometry FAQ

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Sociometry Troubleshooting

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How can I use Career Compass in my study?

1. Go to
2. Sign-up your a new project or Reserve for an Existing one;
3. Fill in the form and make a Reservation:  Choose Equipment, then choose under “Use Environment” Career Compass
4. Sign-up through the Dashboard for Sociometry using your student account.

Note: Before you can use the Sociometry app, you will need an access code from the BMS lab. A project sign-up is therefore required before Sociometry can be used. Moreover, make sure that you have taken the right precautions for safe storage of you files. If you choose to export them out of Sociometry, then they are no longer in the protected environment.