Esports Ladder – New BMS Lab project

The esports gain of popularity throughout the world motivated a research group led by Dr Bruinsma at the University of Twente, staff and students affiliated with the esports lab, and the BMS Lab to work on a project to create an Esports ladder. Moreover, gaming is a common interest and may serve as a starting point for communication between organizations and student. The aim of the project is to encourage inter-organization and student organization connectivity within the region of Twente.

Esports ladder Dashboard by Tristan Raterink

Esports ladder will let people from different companies register and play games against each other online. Firstly, the software will be applied to football. The software will allow for uploading scores, and thus, you can take a glimpse into who is performing how. According to the scores, the software will match players with other players on the ladder. As they play, they will move up or down the ladder. Moreover, the Esports ladder will provide different statistics as well. For example, player ranks, total scores, number of matches played, wins and losses as well as comparisons.

Currently, the software is in its prototyping stage. You can take a look at the software’s layout and look in the gallery below.