What is TIIM?

TIIM is an application created for IOS and Android that is used to perform interventions, cohort studies or questionnaires on a group of participants. The participants then are able to answer the questions on the app on their phone.

How can I use TIIM?

1. Browse to https://bmslab.utwente.nl/get-started/
2. Sign-up your a new project or Reserve for an Existing one;
3. Fill in the form and make a Reservation: Choose Equipment, and choose under “Use Environment” TIIM

How can I register participants?

Participants can subscribe via the subscription URL. This can be found on the study home page and/or the subscription page.

My participant is not able to fill in their information on the subscription page.

When the participant wants to fill in their details, it is not possible to click on the grey word that details which information they have to fill in. They should either click on the right of the word or on the grey bar underneath it.

How do I send push-notifications to my participants?

Open your study and go to the participants page. Select the participant you want to send a push-notification. On the top of the screen click on ‘send notification’. Type the message you want to send and click on send notification.

What operations can be done on the calculated variables?

You can create an equation based on the functions and BODMAS.

How to connect modules to interventions?

To connect modules to interventions first go to your study. Click on ‘Interventions’ on the left of your screen. Go to the intervention you want to add a module to and click on open. On the upper right click on modules. Click on the field ‘select a module’, this will open a dropdown field. Select the module you want to add and click on the blue + button.

How can I start a study?

Browse to https://dashboard.tech4people-apps.bms.utwente.nl, log in with your account. This will open the dashboard page. On the right click on ‘start a new study’, select the TIIM survey button and click on create new study.

My study closed but I want to extend the duration.

It is not possible to re-open the study after the end date. In the study details you can change when the study begins and ends and under the subscription page you can decide when to open and end subscription. These to data don’t have to overlap.

What happens when I send participants an email?

The email is sent by the BMSLab email account, yet the participant will see it as if the e-mail had been sent by the researcher who created the study. This will allow the participant to reply to the researcher.

How can I download data?

In your study go to metrics. In the upper middle click on download. Here you can download the data per intervention.

How can I import my data in Excel?

When you download your data, don’t click on the downloaded file. First go to Excel. In the upper row click on data. On the left click on Get & Transform Data –> from text/CVS. Click on load. The delimiter is a comma. This will import the data in Excel in divided columns.

How can I import data in SPSS?

Open SPSS. Go to file –> open –> data. This will open a new window. Make sure your files type is set to CVS. Find your data, select your data and open. The data is delimited and variable names are included at the top of the data. First case of data begins on line number 2. The denominator is a komma. The next step will show you a preview. You can now see the data in SPSS.

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