Feedback templates

Quick guide:

Career Compass offers the possibility to give your respondents feedback after they have completed the Career Compass. Your respondents will receive their feedback through a website, of which they receive the URL in their mailbox

Step 1.

You can give respondents two types of feedback: 

  1. Simple feedback: this feedback contains general information that is the same for all participants. To use simple, go to the study dashboard, open your study. Go to study details and select ‘simple feedback only’ and save your study.  
  1. The second type is Personal feedback: this feedback contains personalized information that is based on the answers of your respondents. 

Step 2.

The feedback website has to be created. This can be done under templates. On the left go to the templates page. Here you can choose to import an existing template from another researcher or create one yourself.

To create a new template give the template a name, complete the title and select an image that will appear on the main page of the website. You can also create the website in multiple languages by adding a language. Click save to create the new template. 

To add information to the website you can add sections, a so called navigation menu on the feedback website. These sections will appear as menus below the title of the main page and each section will appear as a separate page of the website. To add a section, Click add section and complete the details:  

  • Section name for the researcher 
  • Menu label appears as a title for the tabs/menus, below the main title page  
  • Section title appears as header for the text 
  • Description: information that you want to give to participants 

Under Chart type you can select three types of sections to create:  

  • A page with text only. You can add multiple text-only sections to your website (e.g., an introduction page and a thank you page). When you have ‘simple feedback only’ selected under study details, this is the only section type that can be used when giving simple feedback.  
  • A page which shows a graph with the score of the respondent on each of the profiles of technical professionals (analyst, individualist, team-player, allrounder, innovator).   
  • A page which shows the score of the respondent on the each of the four dimensions of the Career Compass (personality, values, interests and competencies). Each module you have created appears under a dimensions in prefixed order. If you have created 5 or more modules, you cannot add them to the dimenions smart chart.
  • Save your sections. They will appear in the list of sections.

Note: the feedback website always shows your primary image and navigation buttons between the sections, so there is no need to use those options. 

Step 3.

Now the option add subsections appears (scroll down for this). For example, you have a section ‘Dimensions’ and now want to describe each dimension separately.

Select the section that you want to add subsections to and click ‘add subsection’.

  • Give the subsection a name (for the researcher only)
  • A title for this subsection for the webpage (e.g., analyst)
  • An image (e.g., the icon for analyst)
  • Descriptive text (e.g., a description of the analyst profile).  

The next step is to configure your template with your study, go to “Configuring template”.