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The BMS LAB has a faculty license for the AmberScript speech 2 text audio transcription software suite. Amberscript can provide timestamped transcription for up to 6 speakers from both audio and video files. Transcriptions can be made in 29 languages. As a student, staff member or researcher affiliated with the BMS faculty, you can make use of Amberscript. The transcription software can be used in cases when transcripts of conversations and interviews are needed. 

Best Practices #

To reduce potential issues and challenges, keep the following points in mind before using Amberscript for your research:

Recording equipment #

We also have recording equipment for high-quality audio recording, like field recorders, ZOOM, microphones and clip-on sets. If you would like to use the recording equipment, make sure you reserve it.

Data storage and processing #

Your audio or transcripts are safely secured at AmberScript, datafiles are not sold or accessible to AmberScript employees, third persons or companies. BMS Lab has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Data Processing Agreement with AmberScript ensuring the safety of your work.

Further Support #

Getting started #

Before using Amberscript, ensure that:

1.1 You need to be currently affiliated with the University of Twente’s BMS faculty as either a student or employee.

1.2 If you need more than just Amberscript (e.g.: also need a recorder), then please ensure that you have a project signed up.

1.3 If you use or have used human participants in any way, then you need to ask for ethical approval from the BMS faculty Ethics committee.

Use the form below to inform the BMS lab of your project number (if applicable), name, student number, student e-mail and short (max. 100 words) description of your Amberscript needs (minutes of recording, type of recording etc.).

We will invite you to make an Amberscript account. You will receive an e-mail about this. Follow the process described in there.

Once activated and logged in, you will have 30 minutes of transcription time. To get more transcription time, you have to wait for the BMS Lab to assign the additional minutes to you. We will assign a maximum of 10 hours per study per month of transcription time. Need more? Contact the BMS Lab in a separate email and in addition to filling out the form found below.

Manuals and External Links #

Want to use Amberscript? #

Go first through the steps on how to reserve the software or go directly through our project registration to start the reservation process.


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