Data Management and Storage

Importance of Data Management and Data Storage #

Data Management is essential throughout and even after finishing your research. The UK Data Archive developed an interactive Research Data Life Cycle map which shows the key-elements of Data Management in different research phases.

Your data is your responsibility and taking good care of it is an absolute requirement for any research. Therefore, at the start of your research you need to think about your data management. This refers to the ways you plan to collect, document, store and share your research data. When you are making use of The BMS Lab’s services for your research, you are subject to applicable international and Dutch law and the policies and conditions created by both the University of Twente and The BMS Lab. You can read this page to learn more about the associated responsibilities and the tools that are available to support you at the UT.

Storing your research data is also important for several reasons. First of all, according to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice (VSNU, part III), researchers are obliged to store their raw research data for at least ten years (no maximum period) for validation purposes. Secondly, journals or funders may require you to give open access to your research data or at least share your data with other researchers upon request (see Data Sharing).

Our Data Management and Storage Services #

One of the services The BMS Lab provides is data storage and processing facilities to researchers and students that have a project signed up with us. In this service domain, we offer three main services.

Remote Data Storage:
We offer remotely accessible data storage that researchers can access with their student or employee credentials and with the University VPN.

There is no size limit, but include estimated storage size needed when requesting if you are exceeding 30GB.

Mobile Data Storage:
We offer secure mobile (USB or SSD) storage devices that researchers can request when they need a decentralized data storage option.

After requesting the data storage service you will be able to reserve a device via this page with your project registration number.

Data Processing:
We offer access to (de)centralized, powerful and secure hardware to process your data on. Depending on your requirements you are able to either reserve a device to use within one of the Lab’s facilities or outside of the Lab.

The facilities we have available for data processing is in the ManouVR room or in one of the Flexperiment rooms. Those facilities or a device can be reserved via this page with your project registration number after you request our services for data processing.

Best Practices Data Management and Storage #

The University of Twente and BMS faculty have extensive guidelines and best practices when it comes to data management. As a member of University of Twente, and a researcher making use of The BMS Lab’s services, you are expected to be aware of and follow these guidelines.

Please look below to find further information on the guidelines.

Data Management

Data Storage

Want to use our Data Processing and Storage Services? #

If you are doing a research project with the services of the BMS Lab and are interested interested in using one or more of our data management services, click to request one of the services. If you are not yet collaborating with us, please register your project first.


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