Ethica research software

The BMS faculty has a license for the Ethica Data Research software suite. Ethica allows for a.o. longitudinal data collection and can be considered as similar to TIIM. Using Ethica at the BMS faculty is free of charge for students and employees within the conditions explained in this article on acquiring a license.

Please note that the BMS lab does not provide support for Ethica and that Ethica’s support itself is limited (due to the license chosen) and replies from them might therefore take longer than you might expect. Moreover, Ethica is a Canadian company which means that their timezone differs, which you should take into account in your communication with them. Their origin also means that you have to take additional care when collecting personal and sensitive (e.g. medical) data (read more about this subject).

Please ensure that you have registered your study with the BMS lab per the instructions in this article before starting to collect data. You might otherwise lose valuable participant data. Before collecting data with Ethica you must ensure that you meet the requirements set out for working with the BMS lab and regarding ethical approval from the BMS ethics board.

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