How to Reserve BMS Lab Facilities

Reserving a Lab Facility #

The BMS lab offers various lab spaces to those wishing to do research within the BMS faculty. These are the ManouVR, Driving Simulator, Recognice, Flexperiment Rooms, Experivan. Click on the facility names to learn more about them and find out which ones suit your research needs.

To reserve one of these lab spaces, please follow these steps below.

Step 2.
Request a Reservation
of the lab space

Step 3.
Before using our facilities,
read & comply with:

Additional Resources:
Find more support at the following places:

  • Info-Hub
    In addition, via the Info-Hub read about the lab space you will be reserving to learn more about this room, the best practices and the protocols that apply for that room.
  • Overview of All Equipment
  • Overview of All Software

    Check out our equipment and software list to see if there are any you may require for your research. Further information on equipment can be found in the Info-Hub.

If you need more information on our facilities or want to discuss which lab space can best suit your research and experiment needs, you can always come by our office to consult with us, email us at: or contact us via this form.

You can also refer to our Info-Hub to discover more about the different facilities we have and how these spaces can be used for different kinds of research.


  • We will evaluate your reservation request within 5 working days. During that time you will either get a confirmation of you request having been turned into a reservation, or a comment on your request and its inadequacies.
  • Pick-up the room key at the right time and date. Don’t forget your student or employee card!

Floor Plan #