How to Reserve Equipment and Software

Reserving Equipment or Software #

The BMS Lab offers a wide range of equipment and software that can assist researchers, educators and students in their research, course and projects.

To reserve our equipment or software, please follow these steps below.

Step 2.
Request a Reservation
of the equipment and software

Step 3.
Before receiving equipment and software read & comply with:

Additional Resources:

Additional to lendable resources, our staff can offer their expertise on the equipment(s) or software you require for your research or course.

If you need more information on the equipment or software you need, or want to discuss which ones would fit best for your specific research or project, you can always come by our office, email us at: or contact us via this form.

You can also refer to our Info-Hub to discover more about the different equipment and software we have and how they can be incorporated in different kinds of research.


  • We will evaluate your reservation request within 5 working days. During that time you will either get a confirmation of you request having been turned into a reservation, or a comment on your request and its inadequacies.
  • Pick-up your equipment or key at the right time and date. Don’t forget your student or employee card!

Floor Plan #

You can pick up the equipment you reserved at our main office, room #B204.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #