Making use of the BMS-lab Facilities

The BMS lab facilitates research by providing access to its lab spaces and equipment. This is done for students and researchers affiliated with the BMS faculty of the University of Twente or its projects. In broad terms, five types of services are offered:

  1. Use of lab equipment
  2. Use of lab space
  3. Guidance on research and the use of lab equipment
  4. Development time in service of research
  5. Assistance for educational activities

How can I make use of the lab’s equipment or facilities? #

Every use of the lab’s facilities or equipment requires the registration of a project, a reservation for the equipment or lab spaces and approval from the lab’s team. The BMS lab uses a web form to guide interested parties through the process of registering and approving a project and reserving the needed facilities. Please note that the process from receiving the request to approval of request can take up to 5 business days and that projects may only start after receiving approval. The facilities of the BMS lab are available (mostly) for free for students and employees of the BMS faculty of the University of Twente. Students and employees from outside the BMS faculty can, depending on the circumstances, make use of the facilities for favorable rates for University of Twente personnel and students.

Always needed for any request: #

  1. A University of Twente student- or employee number.
  2. A clear idea and description of your project or educational activity, its needs and schedule.
  3. Familiarity with the lab’s policies, conditions, the application procedure and time needed to process each step.

Dependant on the circumstances, you might need: #

  1. Ethical approval from the University: When your research involves human participants or sensitive data
  2. A project number: If you want to join an existing project that is registered with the BMS lab
    • Do note that new projects will automatically receive a project number.
  3. Be aware of the facilities’ availability: Before registering a project, it is important to know if the space, items or people are available when you need them.
    1. Use the QReserve application to check the availability.
  4. A (scanned) copy of your University of Twente student- or employee card

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Contact the lab #

Feel free to contact the lab’s team with any questions related to the lab, facilities or procedures.

Learn how to contact the lab >>>

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