Scent Machine

The scent machine at the BMS Lab can be used by researchers and students alike to add another dimension to their research. By vaporisation of etheric oils, the scent machine can help you change the mood of the room in which the experiment is done.

Scent Machine for Research & Education #

The scent machine can be used in a variety of research and in combination with other pieces of equipment. For example, it has been used to study how scents affect consumer behavior. 

Best Practices #

Where can you use it? #

The scent machine can be used within the BMS Lab facilities. For instance, it can be used in Recognice, in combination with EEG, for example, or in one of the Flexperiment rooms.

Scents #

The BMS Lab has a few scents that can be used in the machine. The different scents can be used to change the environment’s mood during the research. The scents available are oriental mix, pepermunt, flower mint and geurverwijderaar. However, your research needs a specific scent that is not available at the lab, you can search for the desired scents here or here. 

Hygiene Protocol #

The general hygiene practices at the lab should be followed when using the scent machine. 

Further Support #

Getting Started with the Scent Machine #

After reserving the scent machine, you can choose the scent(s) you would like to use in your research. You can check the selection available at the lab or use the external links to acquire the ones you need.

Manuals and External Links #

Want to use the Scent Machine? #

Go first through the steps on how to reserve the equipment or go directly through our project registration to start the reservation process.


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