Services Provided by The BMS Lab

Main Services #

The BMS Lab has three main pillars of services, these are the Operations & Management, Development and Education support.

Operations & Management

The BMS Lab offers a wide range of services to facilitate and support the social sciences by making technology and specialized lab spaces more accessible.

Lending of Equipment
The BMS Lab provides researchers, professors and students of the BMS faculty with a wide range of forefront technologies to support and enable them with their research, projects or courses. See how to reserve equipment or check out our equipment overview first.

Depending on scope, interests and signals received both internally and from the market, the lab can acquire new technologies if no alternatives are available.

Rental of Software
The BMS Lab offers access to a wide range of software that can be used for varying types of researches or as support for research analysis. We differentiate between three services here:

In-house Developed Software
The BMS Lab has a selection of in-house built software, apps and websites that researchers could use for their researches.

Access to License Key
The BMS Lab can provide access to certain software’s that researchers can use for their projects.

Support for Software
The BMS Lab team provides support for their software.

See how to reserve software or check out our software overview first.

Our Facilities
The BMS Lab has 5 specialized facilities that researchers and students can make use of. See how to reserve our facilities or check out facilities overview for more information on each.

Data Storage & Processing
As part of the best practices and extensive guidelines of The University of Twente and The BMS Lab, The BMS lab provides data storage and processing facilities to researchers and students that have a project signed up with us. Read more about this service and how to request it on this page.


Another main service domain of the BMS Lab is the development services. The BMS lab is staffed by full-time programming experts. Read more about this service here.

Our technical experts in the development team can help students and researchers in further ideation of their project ideas, to help them transfer their research idea and stories into technical requirements. Furthermore, they can support in consulting on the different possibilities available for your research project or course programs

Development Time
The development team can support researchers, students and professors in:

The development of VR or AR environments in a
co-creation process together with the client.

The development of software, apps, websites.

The modification or adding of functionality in existing
BMS Lab developed products.

Building of connectors and scripts.

The lab has a distinction between two types of development projects that students and researchers can register for. This is 80-hour projects or funded projects. Students and professors of the BMS faculty typically can register for 80-hour projects, and if they exceed this time they would need to require their own funding. Researchers and collaborators outside of the University of Twente or the BMS faculty can also apply for funded projects.

Note!: Development projects need to be registered far in advance to assure proper forecasting and organization of our resources for all incoming requests! Thus, ones eligibility to an 80-hour project and collaboration with us is affected by when you register and how our developers time and resources have been planned in.


Our educational coordinator works to help professors of the BMS faculty in embedding technology into their study programs. Our educational coordinator, as well as the rest of the team can support professors and students on differing educational or research related matters.

Our employees are able to consult with students, professors and researchers on a wide range of areas, e.g. how to bring technology & knowledge from the lab to the classroom, ideation & project set-up for the right or ideal technology, on research methodology, or in the form of thesis & research supervision.

Lab Courses, Workshops, Lectures and Seminars
The BMS Lab team are able to provide courses, lectures or seminars on differing topics in the domain of Emerging technologies in Social Sciences.

Development Projects & Support for Courses
In addition our technical experts can also support in development of Virtual Reality environments to be used in courses programs.

In this domain, our team can support teachers in the development of the environment, as well as in supporting and providing guidance to students learning to develop VR environments and in learning to be their own technicians.

Creation of Materials & Instructions on our resources
The lab is a hub for innovative technologies and software. Through researches done with these and our own internal expertise, we generate new knowledge and research possibilities. See our Info-Hub page, or our Canvas page for tutorials and courses on our technologies or programs. In addition you can also check out our website and LinkedIn page for posts on different innovative studies that have been completed in collaboration with the Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #

Want to use our Services? #

To make use of our services, you first have to register your project with us, you can do this by clicking the link below. If you are still unsure and would like to discuss your options and possibilities with us further, please send us an email to: or by filling out this form.