How to set up an external event forwarding iMotions ?

iMotions is a software platform that lets researchers integrate best-in-class biosensors, eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG, and Surveys in one unified software platform.

  1. Refer to iMotions programming guide iMotions Programming Guide.pdf
  2. To set up VR, following example was provided by iMotions
  3. We created another example- RollABall that also contained the modified version of MasterTracker C# script called MasterTracker2.cs.
  4. Go to iMotions, create your study. Setup Event Forwarding:
    • Enable Event forwarding using the Preferences>>Global Settings dialog, within the API tab.
    • The middle section is used to configure the event forwarding feature.
    • Click on event forwarding tab; no check on TCP as we use UDP transfer protocol in this case; Use port 8089; 
    • Add Event Sources: Create an XML file with the following code and add it here.
    • Add the master tracker2 script to the player in Unity.
      i. Type the name of the file you would like to save the file locally.
      ii. Type host = localhost or
      iii. Port = 8089
      iv. Framerate =60
      v. Save Batch size = 3000
      vi. Assign player object to FPS vii. Assign Player object to FPS transform
      viii. Assign Main Camera object to FPS camera
      ix. Make sure the Player object has a rigid body attached to it
    •  You will see on the bottom tab in iMotions- Incoming Events API: Collecting, once the setup goes well between Unity and iMotions
    • Once the setup is done and the game is played, the x,y,z position of the player object will be transmitted to iMotions.

For more information about iMotions ask for assistance of the BMS lab staff or check the IMotions website for support.

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