When can I make use of the BMS lab’s services, equipment and facilities

The BMS lab aims to aid students and researchers at the University of Twente’s BMS faculty in their research and education. We provide support by supplying and advising on the use of technology in research. Most of our services are free for BMS faculty staff and students. Students and staff members can use our sign-up procedure to request both our expertise and facilities for use in their research, projects or educational activities.

BMS faculty students or staff members #

The lab will generally try to honor requests that fit within the guidelines and meet the requirements. Furthermore, the lab requires adequate provisions for secure data management. Moreover, the educational or research activity should be officially part of the BMS faculty. This means that students that are supervised by a BMS faculty staff member in their research can in most cases use the lab’s facilities as well.

Students and faculty members from outside of the BMS faculty #

In some cases, a non-BMS student can still freely use our facilities. For example, when a student is supervised by a BMS faculty staff member in their research. Furthermore, research or educational activities conducted without co-operation of the BMS faculty, but that fit within the lab’s scope and focus, can of course inquire about using our facilities. In those cases there might be need for a financial compensation in exchange for use of the lab’s facilities or expertise.

Do you have questions about this subject? Or, are you not part of the BMS faculty and interested in using our equipment, expertise or facilities? Then feel free to contact us.

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