Informative pages

Quick guide:

The informative pages are the text the participants will see when completing your study, and can appear before after or in between modules. Think of welcome pages, ethical disclosure statements or special instructions for your participants. 

Creating informative page

Step 1.

Begin at your CC Dashboard and open your study.  Go to informative pages on the left. 

To create a new page, click on the + button on the right. You can give your page a title, this is the title you will see when you go to informative pages and that is also shown to participants, and fill the page with content.  

Note, the order in which you create pages does not matter.   

When you have selected ‘Email required’ under Study details the informative page ‘Edit Email Page’ will automatically appear in the list of informative pages. You can change the title of the page and fill the page with content as with other informative pages.

Setting up informative pages

When you have created all your informative pages, the next step is to set up the order of which you want to show the pages and your modules to the participants.  Make sure that you always end your intervention with an informative page to enable the data to be saved properly.

Go to the intervention page on the left and open your intervention. Go to content on the right, here you can find two drop-down fields. One for the modules you want to add, and one for the informative pages. Select the informative page you want and click on ‘Add’. You can change the order later as well by clicking and dragging the modules/pages.  

The order of the informative pages is important for your data gathering. If you have selected ‘email required’ in the study home page, CC automatically creates an email informative page. This page always needs to be included at the start of your intervention, before any modules. Any answers from participants to modules that are put before the Edit Email Page will NOT be saved.

If you don’t have the ‘email required’ selected, participants will be given the option to leave their email address at the end of the study. An input box for their email address will automatically appear on the final informative page of the study. The email address participants put in this box will not be saved in the metrics or data download but can be used by the automatic feedback system to send the feedback to the participant (if feedback is activated).