Based on the feedback from interviews received by the ministry of health and the Coronamelder app, it became apparent that the advice given regarding isolation was inconsistent. Thus, people often did not take the isolation advice seriously, leading to them not following it. The main reasons behind the lack of compliance were concerns over the differences between quarantine and isolation, potential job loss and financial instability, not showing the common symptoms or unfamiliarity with isolation rules themselves.

In order to tackle such challenges, and thus increase the compliance with isolation measures, BMS Lab created a new app on the existing TIIM platform – IsolatieCoach. The app is based on the work and research of the RIVM Corona behavior unit and the University of Twente validated research platform. IsolatieCoach provides convenient, personalized and quick advice, and with that increases the knowledge, motivation and shows opportunities to users to follow the isolation procedure.

It works on an interactive question-answer system- people can type in their questions, while the app will provide answers for the question asked, all organized under different modules.

IsolatieCoach aims to support people during the isolation process. It offers tips about how to isolate from their family members and children. IsolatieCoach advices how to do routine tasks as online shopping with delivery services, ensuring the following of the isolation procedure. It is worth noting that the app does not offer medical advice. Isolatie coach advices people about what to do and whom to contact if they face difficulties, whether financial or psychological. Another crucial aspect is that IsolatieCoach offers tips about how to decrease the potential negative consequences of being in isolation. Additionally, it offers numerous quizzes, checkups, and challenges to get people through the period of isolation.



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