Audio transcription with Amberscript

BMS LAB has a faculty licence for AmberScript speech 2 text audio transcription. Timestamped transcription for up to 6 speakers is possible in both audio and video files in 29 languages. For more info check or As a student, staff member or researchers affiliated with the BMS faculty, you can make use of Amberscript. To do so, follow the step-by-step guide below.

To start using Amberscript:

  1. Ensure that you have a project signed up.
  2. Use the form below to inform the BMS lab of your project number, name, student number, student e-mail and short (max. 100 words) description of your Amberscript needs (minutes of recording, type of recording etc.).
  3. We will invite you to make an Amberscript account. You will receive an e-mail about this. Follow the process described in there.
  4. Once activated and logged in, you will have 30 minutes of transcription time.
  5. To get more transcription time, you have to wait for us to assign them to you.
    1. REQUIREMENTS: First and before receiving additional Amberscript minutes, you will have to have project registered and approved at the BMS lab. Secondly, in the case of research, you have received and forwarded your ethical approval to the lab. In the process of registering your project, you can select the option to reserve facilities and equipment and then choose both recording equipment and the software. Thirdly, you have to be affiliated with the BMS faculty or one of its programmes. Students, researchers and staff members from other faculties cannot use this facility.
    2. NOTE: This process can take a couple of working days.

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Data storage and processing by Amberscipt

Your audio or transcripts are safely secured at AmberScript, datafiles are not sold or accessible for AmberScript employees, third persons or companies. BMSLAB has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and a Data Processing Agreement with AmberScript ensuring the safety of your work

Recording equipment

We also have recording equipment for high-quality audio recording, like field recorders, ZOOM, microphones and clip-on sets. These can also be reserved with BMS LAB ( step 2)).

Please note

Questions when using? Use the built-in chat service.

This tool can work with files containing max  2 hours of audio or max 1 GB.
After uploading an audio file you might see that processing shows 0% , please be patient,  it might take some time (up to 1 hour or longer)  for creating the transcription file.

Apply for extra Amberscript  time