Calculated variables

calculated variables can be used for the time rule interventions. Based on the calculated variable you can direct a participant to a specific module.

Step 1.

Calculated variables are made up of the answer on an item and then used to direct a participant to a specific module. Therefore you have to start with the making an item for the calculated variable. On the left menu click on modules. Open your module and go to content items. Because Calculated Variables will only work on a numerical input, you may only use the four Numeric Types of Items. Number input, number slider, number dropdown, and number choice.

In the chosen item preview menu, click on ‘Used for numeric Calculation’ and click on save.

! Do this for at least 2 items, otherwise calculation is not needed.

Step 2.

In the left menu go to the calculated variables tab. Here you can give you variable a unique name, a short description and you can input your equation. You can create an equation based on basic logical operators and BODMAS.

Step 3.

In the left menu go to interventions. Open an intervention and click on modules. You can now use the calculated variable as a time rule intervention.

For more information on time rule interventions, go to time rule interventions.