Can I use equipment outside of the BMS lab?

It is allowed to bring equipment from the BMS lab with you outside of the lab for research or educational purposes. Do however note that the lab has limited insurance coverage outside of its facilities. The lab’s lending and usage conditions specify that the lender is fully responsible and liable for the equipment in their care. In this case it thus also means that the lender is liable for any and all damages. Equipment valued (price when bought new) over 2.000 Euros is therefore not allowed to be taken off campus and in some cases not even outside of the BMS lab’s facilities. Are you looking to use BMS lab equipment outside of the lab’s facilities in the Cubicus building at the University of Twente campus?

  • Is the total value (if bought new) of the equipment under 2.000 Euros? Then indicate your desire to bring it outside of the lab facilities when you register your project on the sign-up page (before you select and reserve your equipment).
  • Is the value (when bought new) of the equipment you are looking to use over 2.000 Euros? Then indicate this desire when you register your project. You might as a result:
    • Be limited in your use of or travel with the equipment;
    • Need to insure the equipment for the value of the equipment when bought new;
    • Need to arrange a safe and secure storage space or return the equipment at the end of each day;
    • Have your request rejected.

Employees of the University of Twente can often more easily use equipment outside of the BMS lab’s facilities, as their department can take over the liability.