Location: DesignLab EMPATHISE & INTERACT
How to reserve? : e-mail Annemarie  Bos-Lubbers ( firstlinesupport-designlab@utwente.nl )
Ideal for: Video observation/ projects
Get the key from: DesignLab SHARE

EMPATHISE is the control room of Interact. You can supervise and control the AVEX recording system, as well as adjust the Hue lights (colour and luminosity) in Interact. People in Interact are not aware of your presence, because of the one-way screen: they cannot see you unless it is lighter in Empathise compared to Interact.
INTERACT The room is equipped with a video and audio recording system. The colour of the room is adjustable using led light strips. This room can be left empty, or you could use tables, chairs, and/or screens to create a different interaction situation.

Protocol Empathise and Interact


  1. When in the room there are two ground rules you must abide:
  • Keep the observation room clean! Eat out in the kitchen area or upstairs in the Designlab.
  • Keep silent in the observation room! This is not only for your own research but also for the other research taking place in the rooms next door.
  1. When using Informed Consent forms, make sure you guarantee your participants’ anonymity, so do not leave the forms behind.


  1. You can make use of the PCs in this room.
  2. The PC’s are not clean installed after every research, so take care of your data during/after your research.
  3. It is obligatory to copy your data after every day of data gathering onto the T4P data server.
  4. After the research, delete any sensitive data from the PCs.
  5. Let us know through the equipment reservation forms what hardware you want to use. This way we can make sure all the necessary software is there for you.


Participants can be noisy in the hallway when waiting to participate in an experiment. For this reason, participants must wait upstairs in the DesignLab.