Working in the Flexperiment rooms

Location: Cubicus, room B219 (1-7)
How to reserve? : follow the steps from How to reserve lab space?
Ideal for: testing, computer experiments, controlled setting experiments.
Get the key from: CU C-243A

Protocol Flexperiment


  1. Maintain silence in and around the BMS-lab and especially in and around the Flexperiment rooms.
  2. Don’t eat or drink in the Flexperiment rooms or entry hall.
  3. A maximum of 2 persons, including the participant, are allowed to be in a Flexperiment room at any given time.
  4. Don’t move or modify the equipment or its connections.
  5. In case of questions or problems, report these to the BMS Lab Room B204 or Room C243A.
  6. Be careful of the strong heating system in the Flexperiment rooms. It can easily heat the room to an uncomfortable level.
  7. Close windows, clean any and all signs of your experiment and turn off light when finished.
  8. Bring the key back to C-243A or the designated key box there.
  9. Keys cannot leave the building. If you want to use the rooms outside office hours, indicate this in your reservation. Make sure you are informed about the procedures regarding access of the building outside office hours.


  1. You can make use of the PCs using your UT (student) account or an account given by BMS LAB in case this is desirable.
  2. The PCs get a fresh installation (are wiped) on the last Friday of each quartile. PCs are not  wiped in between. It is therefore obligatory to copy your data after every day of data gathering onto the T4P data server. If you need a clean install, notify BMS LAB. Taking proper care of your data is your own responsibility and mandated by both the university and European law.
  3. All Flexperiment rooms are equipped with camera observation equipment that enable you to monitor participants and experimenters.
  4. Let BMS LAB know what software you want to use at project signup. This way we can take care of the installation of the software for you.
  5. Several Flexperiment rooms have their own specialisation, such as for usability research, eye-tracking and studies involving scent. The lab’s team may decide to move your reservation of the Flexperiment room to one more suitable for your or other experimenter’s research.


Participants can be noisy to staff in the hallway when waiting to participate in an experiment. For this reason, participants have to wait downstairs in the mess hall or in the student lounge on the first floor of the Cubicus.