Getting an Ethica License

Acquiring a license for Ethica is possible for employees and students of the BMS faculty. This is done through the form found below. The following conditions apply:

  • You limit the amount of participants and ask for clearance if you expect more than a hundred participants.
    • Always – regardless of the number of participants – indicate the expected number of participants.
    • The reason is that our license has a limit and that we’d like to avoid crossing it or take precautions in time.
  • You are responsible for your data. That is always the case with software and equipment used through the BMS Lab, but is especially the case with Ethica. We have no control over your data and improper care might result in permanent data loss.
    • More importantly, Ethica is Canadian. This means that restrictions apply when collecting sensitive (e.g.: medical) data and that additional care should be taken. Read more on this subject in our data policy section and that of the faculty. This is your own responsibility and obligation.
  • You ensure that you meet the basic requirements for doing research with or at the BMS Lab. This includes having ethical approval from the BMS ethics board.

How to get a license?

  1. Design your study beforehand and make sure that you meet the requirements.
  2. Go to Ethica’s website and sign-up for a trial account.
  3. Fill in the form found below on this page to register your study with us.
  4. Wait at least 3 working days before starting data collection.