How to reserve equipment?

For research:

  1. After carefully reading both the requirements and procedural description, you can open up the web application.
  2. If you have already made a successful project sign-up, then please use the link provided by e-mail to continue. Otherwise, use the web application to make one.
  3. In either case, you should arrive at the reservation page. By following the step listed on the page, you can start and finalize your reservation request.
  4. We will evaluate your reservation request within 5 working days. During that time you will either get a confirmation of you request having been turned into a reservation, or a comment on your request and its inadequacies.
  5. Pick-up your equipment or key at the right time and date.
    • Don’t forget your student or employee card!

For trial :

The procedure is the same as the one above. Only the project sign-up phase differs.