The below states the hygiene procedures related to persons. For equipment, follow the desinfection procedure for the instrument. For more details, read the hygiene protocol (link). 

2 – Persons

2.1 – Postpone the study in case of flu, cold or other infection in the trial conductor or subject (V).

2.2 – Ensure good general body and clothing hygiene during the trial period (V).

2.3 – Always wear disposable gloves during the following physiological procedures:

  1. cleaning/abrading the subject’s skin (V).
    b. application of electrodes (V).
    c. removal of electrodes (V).
    d. all actions related to blood, sperm or vaginal fluid (V).
    e. working with disinfectants (V).
    f. in the case of clearly visible wounds or skin irritation in the subject or experimentor (V).

2.4 – The simplest disinfection procedure is hand washing. This should be done, regardless of the use of gloves:

a – prior to physiological actions (V).
b – after physiological actions (V).
c – after using the toilet (V).
d – after sneezing, coughing or blowing the nose (use paper tissues) (V).
e – after unexpected contact with blood or other body fluids (V).

2.5 – It is preferable not to wear rings during examination (V).

2.6 – Nails should preferably be kept short and clean during the study period (V).