iClone 7, Faceware Realtime for iClone and the Xsens plugin


  • Open the special build folder of iClone in the zip file. Run the iClone.exe from the Bin64 folder.
  • Add a character to the scene.
  • From the iClone Plugin menu, load the Python script for Xsens.

Xsens MVN Studio

  • Xsens MVN studio has to have a change in the options panel.
  • Open Xsens program, select Option -> Preference -> Miscellaneous -> Network streamer :
    1. enable the “Enable network streaming”
    2. datagram selection choose “Position + Orientation (Euler)”
    3. destination addresses -> localhost:9763


  • Start Faceware Realtime for iClone and choose camera source and settings from the “edit” menu.
  • Calibrate your face by holding your mouth slightly open.


  • From the iClone Plugin menu, select the Face Mocap Plugin

An interface for Xsens (prototype) and Faceware will be accessible and the Xsens window will have an option to record face and body together.
There is also an option to record voice along with face and iClone will blend lipsync from the audio to the mocap.


Also, check Xsens setup with FaceWare.