Managing participants

This tutorial discusses three subjects:

  • The subscription page shows you when subscription will open and end and shows the URL to register participants. You can also find the informative pages for ethical disclosure statements or special instructions. The screening questions can be used to create items, based on the answer you can subscribe your participants to specific interventions.
  • The emails page will allow you to draft emails for your participants.
  • The participants page will display a list of registered participants, here you can assign or reject participants.

Part 1.: Subscription page

The subscription page can be found on the left, click on subscription. This will open the subscription page. Here you can find the general details button which shows you when the subscription phase will open and end. You can also find the URL for participants to register here.

In the informative pages you can add pages for ethical information or additional instructions. In the right under corner you can find a round + button, click on this to add a page. To make a thank you note click on the + button and select ‘This is a thank you page’

On the screening questions page you can add initial screening questions for your participants. The questions can be used to obtain initial information for your study which you can use to assign your participants to the appropriate intervention.

Part 2.: Emails page

The emails page can be found in the left menu, click on emails. The emails page will allow you to draft template emails for your participants. For instance, once the study starts and if they are rejected from the study. This means that when you reject a participant from a study, the participant will immediately receive the rejection e-mail. The start study e-mail will be sent to your participant once you have assigned them to an intervention.

! This is the moment the participant is starting the study.

The email is sent by the BMSLab email account, yet the participant will see it as if the e-mail had been sent by the researcher who created the study. This will allow the participant to reply to the researcher.

Part. 3.: The participants page

The participants page can be found in the left menu, click on participants. The participants page displays a list of registered participants and will be sorted by the intervention they are assigned to.
Once you click on an individual participant you will have detailed information on the participant and screening questions.

Assigning the participant to a particular Intervention will set the condition group they are in. You can let the participant start when the intervention starts or on a custom date.
This tab also allows you to reject prospective Participants from the study.

The Screening tab will show their answers to the screening questions they answered when subscribing to the study.

The Send Notification tab allows you to send specific push notifications to your Participant’s mobile phone. The push notification can work as a reminder, and to actively call for action to your participant.

! Participant will receive the notification on their mobile phone, therefore this option is only available after they have installed and logged in on the app.