ReQuest is a web-based clinimetrics service. Design screenings, surveys, tests or assessments with ease. Then, have people fill them out and manage the results securely.
ReQuest is designed as an easy-touse screening tool. Create a new screening in a couple of minutes.
Screening database
Many standardised screenings are available to use out-of-the box.
ReQuest is responsive and hence looks good on every screen size.
Questions & more
Over 20 types of questions available, including Text, Numeric, Likert, Multiple Choice and Stopwatch. Optionally, movies and pictures can be added as well.
Dynamic screenings
Make your screening dynamic based on given answers. For example, skip parts if not applicable.
Create once, use many
Tests and results can be shared with others in a secure way.
Using the ReQuest API, integrate screenings or results in other systems and safe time.

For more information check the Manual_ReQuest and the official website.