Services provided by BMSLAB

  1. Acquisition: consultation and contribution to (parts of) acquisition proposals /project proposals when involving lab or technologies
    • Data, data management
    • Lab facilities
    • Novel methodologies
    • Technological aspects
    • Security concerns
    • Network of people and experts
    • Storage
    • Privacy issues consultation
  2. To Research: BMS Lab offers
    • Mixed reality solutions single and group level
    • 3D full body motion capturing and animation, including facial expression
    • Eye tracking (a.o. for usability research and neuromarketing)
    • ambulant / physiological measurements (stress, physical activity etc.)
    • recording equipment (audio/video, lidar, multi-camera systems etc.)
    • acquisition- and analysis software for quantitative and qualitative data
    • Biometric research platforms (IMotions, E-Prime)
    • Cognitive behaviour analysis (EEG, reaction time etc.)
    • GPS and indoor navigation tracking
    • CPU and server capacity (for a.o. deep learning tasks and multi agent simulations)
    • Dev capactiy for software and creative applications
    • Secure data storage infrastructure (offline and online)
    • (Survey) applications (TIIM, Mquest, ReQuest, Qualtrics) and Career Compas
    • Data visualisations
    • Group observations
    • Behavioural analysis icm IBM Watson
    • Digital environments and realism with animations
    • Crowd control, multi-person tracking
    • Experimental technologies, dependent on research project proposal
  3. To Education
    • BSc lectures/seminars/tutorials
    • MSc lectures/seminars/tutorials
    • BMS Lab course* (Emerging technologies in Social Sciences)
    • Thesis supervision
    • Masterclasses
  4. PhD / MSc / BSc projects
    • Measurement equipment
    • Data storage
    • Procedures and protocols
    • Network of people and experts
    • Software and cloud services
    • Project setup
    • Technology support
    • Methodology assistance
    • Analysis assistanc
  5. Software development and consulting
    • The lab can support in creating new or modifying existing software. This can either be in-house or through an externally contracted development team.
    • Read the page for more information and contact the lab to learn about conditions and possibilities.
  6. Miscellaneous services:
    • Demonstrations
    • Presentations
    • Conference talks, keynotes and tutorials