Sociometric badges – FAQ

Q1: What should I do if the badges are not recognized by Windows by default?
Answer: First, the driver must be updated in the Device Manager. See the Sociometric badges article and follow the steps.

Q2: Is it possible to record what is being said in the conversations?
Answer: There is an option to also include WHAT is being said, but that costs a lot of extra storage space. The badges can register how long, how hard spoken and also the pitch (pitch) register.

Q3: How long does it take to charge the badges?
Answer: It can take about 8 hours on 1 charge

Q4: Do we need to retrieve the data in the lab or can we do it on our own?
Answer: Researchers who use the badges can install the Datalab software and retrieve the data from the badges themselves.

Q5: What software is needed to work with the Sociometric Badges?
Answer: The firmware update (Sociometric OS) and the lab software (Datalab). They can be downloaded from:

Q6: What does it happen if a malfunction takes place when I load the data from the badges into the software? Will I lose the data?
Answer: The data that is loaded into the Datalab will only be removed from the badge if it is fully loaded (a malfunction in between will not give anything)

Q7: Which port is used for reading the data from the badges?
Answer: The badges have two ports  (side and bottom), but only the port on the side can also read data.