TIIM introduction

TIIM stands for The Incredible Intervention Machine. You can use TIIM to collect information on your study’s participants through their smartphone via the TIIM app.

Step 1.

Click on start a study to begin with TIIM. Select TIIM survey and then create new study. Input a title and description. All the information on this page can be changed later on.
! The start date is the time that Interventions will become available to the participants. The end date is when the study will end and participants will not be able to access the modules. Keep in mind, once the study closes it is not possible to re-open.

Step 2.

Interventions are made up of modules. Modules are the sets of questions. Create a new module.

Step 3.

Inside the modules you can add items. Items are the questions you want to ask. They form the content of your module.

Step 4.

Next, create an intervention. Interventions are the conditions within your experiment.
e.g. the control condition with only questionnaires or an experimental conditions with one version of an intervention.

Step 5.

Once you have created your content items, you can add your module to an intervention. All the interventions together will make up a study.