Tobii Pro Glasses 2

How do the Tobii Glasses 2 work?
Eye tracking has long been known and used as a method to study the visual attention of individuals. There are several different techniques to detect and track the movements of the eyes. However, when it comes to remote, non‐intrusive eye tracking the most commonly used technique is the pupil center corneal reflection (PCCR). The basic concept is to use a light source to illuminate the eye causing highly visible reflections, and a camera to capture an image of the eye showing these reflections.
For the TobiiPro Glasses 2, there are two cameras per eye to identify the reflection of the light source on the cornea (glint) and in the pupil. What is measured eventually are fixations and saccades in milliseconds.
Combined with the measurement of the fixations and saccades, the glasses also record a video feed of what the participant is looking at, with a camera in the front of the glasses. It is also possible to use Think Aloud Protocol with the glasses thanks to the integrated microphone in the glasses.

How to use the Tobii Glasses 2

  1. Start Dell Venue tablet
  2. Put Tobii Glasses on
  3. Turn on the Tobii unit (make sure battery is charged)
  4. Connect Tobii and Tablet with Wifi
  5. Start the Tobii Controller App on the Tablet PC
  6. Create/use (new) Project
  7. Create/use (new) Participant
  8. Click on the Tobii Live View tab
  9. Calibrate the Tobii Glasses
  10. Start Recording
  11. Stop when done
  12. Start the Tobii Analyzer
  13. Create/use Project
  14. Import Tobii Glasses data from the SD card
  15. Start Analyzing
  16. Create Heatmaps

For details check the Practical User Manual TobiiPro Glasses 2.

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