What do to in case of Damage

Damage to Vehicle Fleet BMS: Fill in claim form/accident report -> https://www.anwb.nl/binaries/content/assets/anwb/pdf/verzekeringen/schade-aangifteformulieren/europees-schade-formulier.pdf. (Dutch) or P:\BMS\fz\General-BMS\Handleidingen\Damage form.pdf (English). After the form is filled in by both parties send it to Robert Ree (In charge of insurance issues), Marco Boevink (In charge of the vehicle fleet), the BMS Lab Secretariat and the other party involved. 

Damage to BMS Properties:

In case of damage, theft or loss to BMS properties a notification has to be made as soon as possible with a maximum of 24 hours at the BMS Lab Secretariat and Robert Ree. If it is possible the usage of the borrowed property has to be blocked. Properties of the BMS faculty which are brought home are insured for a maximum of 9100 euro per address with an own risk of 125 euro.

Someone who borrows something from the BMS Lab needs to make a notification with the police in case of loss, theft or damage done by third parties and send a copy of the declaration certificate to the BMS Lab. Damaged, stolen or lost properties need to be recovered or purchased again and those costs need to be settled by the party responsible for the damage, theft or loss.

The BMS Lab is not responsible for the outcomes of experiments with the help of BMS properties. The BMS Lab is also not responsible for injuries to the borrower or injuries to third parties caused by the borrower of BMS properties as a direct or indirect result of the use of BMS properties.